Nice idea – not sure about the end result…

I’m a simple Hiphop fella, with simple Hiphop tastes and expectations. I like things a certain way, and don’t take too kindly to ‘remixes’ that butcher an original, remakes of classics (by an original artist, or by someone ‘paying tribute’). That’s why, when I see this…

…my inner cynic can’t help feeling that Dres may be hoping a few copies of “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” fly off the shelves in Best Buy due to this. Somewhere out there, Lawnge is quietly shaking his head.

It all sounds a bit forced (and to be honest a bit late – the time for hopping on this bandwagon was right after the primaries ended.) Here’s a ‘homemade’ version that someone else did, that uses the original track – sounds better, and actually executes better overall (and at least this guy did his at the start of September.)

Of course, this is not even close to…

…but its travelling down the same path, innit?

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  1. Yeah that is pretty lame. It’s all in a good cause and all but… Corn. I’m yet to hear a pro Obama track that isn’t pretty lame, all things considered. Not that I expected to.

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