WVFS Underground Railroad Audio stuff

WVFS Audio

Here’s some audio from the last couple of shows…

Two weeks ago (the same weekend I did the carcrash stuff with E-Zone on Blazin’) I did the same thing the day before on WVFS, only with more of a variety of tracks as opposed to the West Coast Blazin’ set.

Some of this is onpoint, some of it incredibly sloppy, all of it does little but prove that I need a new laptop (donations GRATEFULLY accepted…)

Last Saturday’s show meanwhile saw the return of the emcee freestyles – they’re sandwiched here between two mini sets by moi…

I’d like to write more on this post, but I’m superbusy right now, so the audio will have to speak for itself. Feedback, hate mail, cease and desist letters etc etc are, as usual, very welcome…

Oh, btw, here’s the brand spanking new UR blog

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