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Check out this tool babbling over the top 10 breaks in Hiphop (that aren’t really the top 10 breaks in Hiphop) like he’s on some next shit. My favorite part is when he wets his pants over Timbaland’s use of ‘Giving Up Food For Funk’ while neglecting to mention ‘Wrath Of Kane’ or ‘Mind Of A Lunatic’. Nice work, history scholar.

Also notice him getting ready to bring in the bassline on the Isley Brothers joint with his finger but coming in 2 bars early and trying to play it off. Immense knowledge of the crates on display.

I can’t wait for part 2 where he schools me on ‘Amen Brother’, ‘Get Out My Life Woman’ and ‘Impeach The President’ before digging into his Zapp compilation cds. Oh the originality!

4 Replies to “Knob Icon”

  1. wow…it would be you to find somebody fuccin up and expose them…..but ha we have some footage of you Mr talib kweli sucks…..Mr Lupe is crap…..Mr Mc Ren is a top 10 mc of all time…and are those dicks over this guys head.lmao

  2. this is the type of rap fan that doesn’t smoke weed and puts on ‘how to dj’ seminars for little kids cause they are the only ones who’ll listen to him. Also I call bs on nyc native. Jersey or LI at best. Probably ct.

  3. hey fam, whats the update on a banner for our r&b spot?
    you dont have to use that train, just make it r&b oriented (90s style)
    you know the haps lol
    thanks again
    ILL & BB

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