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Common Speaks on New Clothing Line “Softwear”

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Last year, Chicago emcee Common announced plans to partner with Microsoft and create an innovative new line of t-shirts called Softwear.

After several months, Common has unveiled the first Hip-Hop centered products from the brand, with the best being aptly titled “The Creator: The Code of Hip-Hop.” The all-black shirt features the full lyrics of Common’s 1994 classic “I Used to Love H.E.R.” written in 80s computer font. In addition, the acclaimed Chicago emcee has designed three other shirts showcasing throwback styles in phrasing, dress, and social courtesy.

As the line’s official spokesman, Common explained that the fledgling brand is “very fly and progressive,” and he expects it to garner a solid audience once more shirts are introduced. “I’m very enthused about it,” Common stated. “No matter what size, it’s gonna look right on you :Stay up and check out the Softwear.”

As a brand, Softwear retains a distinct 80s flair, meant to conjure images of Microsoft’s early days before it became an industry giant. According to Microsoft, the brand’s motto is to “tap the nostalgia of when PCs were just starting to change our lives.” Currently, consumers can also select “classic design” shirts featuring Bill Gates’ mugshot and a retro MS-DOS font logo.

Hmmm… the above following the below…
…is really not a good look for our favorite tropical fruit eater. ||

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  1. Not hating on him…..not a surprise….t-shirts….that has an 80s flair….not a surprise…

    Isreal….if you get a shirt make sure its a few sizes larger than usual…cause no doubt they will be extra small/tight.

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