Artist spotlight: Grit Grammar – Cold World

Grit Grammar

Attempting to get back on my posting grizzy over here… to start here’s a cut called ‘Cold World’ from UK artist Grit Grammar.

Alternative download link here:

Myspace blurb reads like this…

A prolific hip hop enthusiast, Grit made the natural evolution into artist and emcee at a fairly late stage, however over the last few years he has been quietly developing his skills and technique in preparation to make his mark on the UK scene with a unique style and sound. Representing the UK to the fullest Grit has blessed open mics across the London area and beyond whilst readying material for public destruction with his dedication to lyricism, and dark reflective hip hop that often seems to get lost in a heavily over saturated genre. Stuck somewhere between mythological philosopher and street representer Grit is working with a new wave of extremely talented up and coming producers, as well as some more established artists to help create his ultimate vision and sound. Grit is currently working on his debut album, produced entirely by Baron Samedi scheduled for release sometime in 2009, so get ready for the onslaught!

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  1. Good to see some great unique talent coming up. It’s my biggest beef with rap here in the states, is it all sounds the same. Maybe the next British invasion will be a Hip-Hop invasion.

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