Blazin’ 102.3 Audio 04/05/09


Unfortunately my super-duper-mixer-fixer job on my power supply was a one-shot deal, which meant that the next day, Sunday, I held down Diggin’ In The Crates with E-Zone on Blazin’ 102.3 using the Rane Serato mixer instead of my trusty Vestax. Despite the minor handicap, I had a blast (as always) and ran a complete shitload of tracks. (Tracklist after the jump.)

WFVS Underground Railroad Mixshow Audio 04/04/09


Saturday, once again, meant an appearance on the wheels during V89’s Underground Railroad show. Everything went pretty much perfectly, considering that I walked a fine line between success and disaster due to Vestax’s shitty power supplies. One false move and my expertly-bent-back-on-itself-to-achieve-power rewiring technique would have came loose resulting in dead air. Unless I’m playing Common records, that’s usually never a good thing. (Tracklist after the jump.)