I got an email from John Brown…


…John Brown aka that guy from that White Rapper show aka that show where Serch finally rid himself of the little shreds of dignity and credibility he had left. The email was promoting his new mixtape ‘Suburban Empire’ which I will not be providing a link for.

The email also carried this interesting blurb…

…I am the first person in hip-hop to overtly rep the burbs in the way N.W.A. overtly represented Compton. You have to remember, people didn’t always embrace the hood. It wasn’t really until the Watts Riots in 1965 that there became a pride in being from the ghetto. And then I feel like when James Brown recorded “Say It Loud (I’m Black And I’m Proud)” it was a watershed moment for black self-empowerment. Now, I feel that me unapologetically repping the burbs can break down cultural barriers. It’s already having an effect as I see a sudden influx of suburban white rappers with a newfound identity. But they all know who the king of this burbs shit is…

So I replied…

Dear John,

You are a tool. Please fuck off.

Yours sincerely,


….still no response….

3 Replies to “I got an email from John Brown…”

  1. It’s like he’s ignoring the fact that suburbs were created explicitly to keep blacks away from whites. It’s the same as Asher Roth. By repping ‘college’ he’s trying to legitimize the white american experience — which is clearly not legit.

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