Vinyl Fever in Tallahassee is closing…


Link here.

Vinyl Fever is closing. I have mixed feelings about this. (The above pic serves to illustrate the problem beautifully, by the way.)

They overpriced most of their stuff, but their selection was fairly decent. They had a nice little indie Hiphop section, but I refuse to pay $18.99 for some shit that UGHH or Sandbox might have for $10 or $11 (or that I can steal if I really only want a couple of tracks.).

Rewind a couple of years, before the real explosion of the internet and DJ software, and VF gave local artists a spot to hawk their CDs. However nowadays everyone is doing that shit online (and usually for free), so the VF business model has been in the same flawed state as the music industry in general for a while now.

I mean, $6-7 bucks for 12″ singles is always gonna kill you, especially in these days of Serato. As a DJ, you don’t know how much of a relief it is to no longer have to spend more than the price of an album, on 12″ doubles.

The major labels and the suits in charge of them are owed an almighty payback for how they’ve screwed us all over for years, and unfortunately VF and stores like it are little more than collateral damage. When nobody is really buying CDs any more, and your whole business is built on selling them, then you need to adapt or die.

Might have to make a trip down there later today for a raid, like a vulture picking over the carcass. Cold-hearted? Of course. But someone’s gotta buy all their bargain shit – it might as well be me.

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