Blazin’ 102.3 Audio 3/28/10

Because we’re better than you.

For the first time in over a month, the full line-up was in attendance to Dig In The Crates. With things getting back, E-Zone took the first hour, I took the second, and Stess manned the mic and the controls. What other radio show gives you a chance to hear Nubian Mob, Drag Rap and a DJ-Lou inspired remix of Children’s Story all in one spot?

WVFS Underground Railroad Mixshow Audio 03/13/10 & Blazin’ 102.3 Audio 03/14/10

Yeah, its a lazy image, but cut me some slack.

After 2 and a half weeks off due to an unexpected and unwanted trip back to Norn Iron, I made my return back to both V89 and Blazin’ this past weekend, and ended up running a 2 hour set at both stations. Thanks again to everyone who called me, texted me, hit me on Twitter or Facebook, or dropped me an email – I appreciate all the positive messages from everyone during my time away from home.