Blazin’ 102.3 Audio 6/27/10

Good pic, innit? Shout out to Isaac D AKA Shyne for creating the best pop-up card I’ve ever seen in the history of the universe. Say hello to Lexi (click the pic at the bottom for the big version.)

While you’re examining Lexi’s um… details, feel free to blast the half Mexican / half RnB Diggin’ In The Crates show from this past weekend.

A to the L’s West Coast Mix

A couple of weeks back, I got another email from faithful Oakland listener, Leo, who asked me to run a West Coast mix on Diggin’ In The Crates. I duly did, but while I was mixing my little heart out at the station, my street was getting pummeled by a heavy thunderstorm, resulting in a power outage, which in turn put paid to my recording of the mix.