Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito 20th Anniversary Reunion Show On WKCR (10/22/10)

The show was meant to finish at 5am, but they ended up running to 6am, so this is a quick turnaround.

WKCR’s live stream is a weak 24K Mono joint. I grabbed all the audio, normalized the volume, and made it stereo, because I’m a nice guy.

It was weird hearing a ‘new’ show that wasn’t coming off a tape, but it was equally weird that this was actually the first time I got to hear Stretch & Bob on KCR live, as opposed to a month down the line on a Maxell that winged its way over the Atlantic to me.

Anyway, the show was dope – classic bits and pieces of music, but you mostly want to listen to this for the general tomfoolery. There is NO other show before or since with as much clowning… and since clowning is the forgotten 46th element of Hiphop, this is a MUST LISTEN.

Download from the following links…


Download the audio (Right click and save)

Backup download link on Hulkshare

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10 Replies to “Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito 20th Anniversary Reunion Show On WKCR (10/22/10)”

  1. Holy shit at all the retweets, mentions, and shit like that…. Go to philaflava dot com, then to the TROY forum, then to the “Mapping Out the Stretch n Bobbito Show” and you will find maaaad tape rips and all of that. That’s what Stretch n Bob shouted out somewhere after the one hour mark. Also they shouted DirtyWaters blog were you can get mad shows from and the official Stretchandbobbito blogspot where we’re trying to archive the entire history of the show.. Trying to include every single full show, id every single track, and share every single mp3 with everybody.. Trying to archive the history basically
    Thanks again for the rip,

  2. ^^^^^

    What he said…

    Philaflava and TROY are 2 dope sites that everyone should check out (and not just for Stretch and Bob shit neither…)

    However, the archives there (and on DW) for the Stretch shows, and the amount of people putting in work on it needs to respected. If anyone has Stretch tapes, please consider sharing them through the cats on any of these sites…

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  4. I am a big fan and longtime follower of Bob and Stretch…Bob even let me rhyme over the phone…live on the air! I’m from jersey…and I found ot so much…the put me on to Diezzle Don and the Gov….Outsidaz….Artifacts….and i lived in the same city as all of these cats! Props for uploading this…I was listening live that night, too. I like Lord Sear’s jokes too….He was killing callers who had jokes! I have a lot of shows…but since no one has devoted a joke session with Sear, Bob, Stretch, and others…I’m inspired to do one. Peace

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