DJ Evil Dee – Beatminerz Radio Mixes

Da Beatminerz & DJ A to the L
(And yes, this post was a great chance to use the above pic. This was taken at A3C last year.)

For those of you who are unaware, Evil Dee and Mr Walt have a great setup over at Beatminerz Radio, where they regularly broadcast live video of both them and other affiliated DJs in the mix. (Also see DJ Scratch’s Scratchvision, De La Soul’s Dugout, and Freddie Foxxx’s Kurupt Mobb Radio for similar and equally great shows.)

Working some technical magic, I grabbed the audio from a couple of Evil Dee’s live mixes, cleaned it up a little, and threw it on my Ipod. But this stuff it too good to keep to myself, and so after checking with the man himself, Evil Dee gave me permission to share these mp3s with y’all.


Evil Dee – Beatminerz Radio Mix 1


Evil Dee – Beatminerz Radio Mix 2


And make sure you check out:
Evil Dee on Twitter
Mr Walt on Twitter
Da Beatminerz on Twitter

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