INTERVIEW: Son Of Bazerk

Son Of Bazerk Interview with DJ A to the L & Stess The Emcee

Son Of Bazerk has always been a personal favorite, and through the magic that is Facebook (which allows any idiot to stalk their favorite rappers), plus a heads up from my man Robbie at Unkut, I got wind of the release of “Well Thawed Out” – a follow up the 1991 debut album. Copping that late last year, I finally managed to get schedules working out to the point where a phone interview became possible.

So plug your headphones in, get your popcorn ready, and check out a great 20 minute interview with me and Stess posing the questions for Bazerk, Jahwell, and Half-Pint.

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Son Of Bazerk – I Swear On A Stack Of Old Hits

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