Blazin’ 102.3 Audio 04/22/12

Diggin' In The Crates with Stess The Emcee and DJ A to the L on Blazin' 102.3 - Nas Tribute

A little out of sequence due to busy business and stuff, but here’s the DITC from a few weeks back when I ran nowt but Nas records as a tribute to the 18th birthday of Illmatic. The second half of the show celebrates the dynamic duo of Guru and Premier on the week of the anniversary of Guru’s passing.

Insane Macbeth ft Reveal – The Strongest Endz MP3

Insane Macbeth ft Reveal - The Strongest Endz

Just because I’m in Florida now it doesn’t mean I’ve turned my back on UK Hiphop (although you can keep all that grime and dubstep rubbish out of my earholes.) So when I got an email from Insane Macbeth asking me to shine some light on his new single, ‘The Strongest Endz’, how could I refuse, especially when his record with Icepick, ‘True Heart’ is one of the most crucial twelves in the history of UK Hiphop?

Blazin’ 102.3 Audio 05/06/12

Beastie Boys Tribute Mix by DJ A to the L

May 4th saw the sad passing of MCA, 1/3 of one of the greatest Hiphop groups in history – The Beastie Boys. A particular favorite and a heavy, heavy influence on my own Hiphop upbringing, as well as that of Stess, it was only right that we turned this Sunday’s show into a 2 hour tribute to Yauch.