Mix CD: DJ A to the L – Summer Barbecue Music

DJ A to the L - Summer Barbecue Music FRONT COVER

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Thank you to everyone who messaged me, emailed me, texted me, or got in contact somehow to tell me how much they enjoyed Winter Barbecue Music. I figured it was only right to give proper thanks with a followup mix for the hot months. So, here’s Summer Barbecue Music – perfectly-timed for the upcoming Labor Day Weekend grill parties, and the soundtrack to you getting your ass whupped at dominoes.

Insane Macbeth ft Karl Hinds – Can’t, Couldn’t, Could Never MP3

Insane Macbeth ft Karl Hinds - Can't Couldn't Could Never

Mr Macbeth follows up the excellent ‘Strongest Endz’ with another burner! This one features Karl Hinds sharing microphone duties.

Quality UK Hiphop!

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More info on Insane Macbeth: http://mrkrum.blogspot.com/2009/02/talking-vinyl-and-production-with.html

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