Public Enemy frontman, Chuck D, came to FAMU to speak at a conference against violence. As well as giving a masterful speech, Chuck took time to speak to me, Stess, J.See, Slickgrease, Willdabeast and LQ. This is the 3rd Chuck D interview featured on this site – we’re collecting them like Pokemon!

Blazin’ 102.3 Audio – The September 2012 Edition

Diggin' In The Crates with Stess The Emcee, DJ A to the L, DJ E-Zone

Note: This is a looooooooooong post, so get your scrollwheel finger ready…

Things have been so crazy over the past month that I’ve barely had time to do anything, much less throw these mixes up. So to make up for the slacking, here’s the entire month of September’s Diggin’ In The Crates mixes, including the newest mix from last night.