Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito On WKCR (02/22/13)

Everybody uses this photo...

^ Everybody uses this photo…

So, this one flew under the radar a little. Busy all day means I didn’t check twitter or facebook messages means I missed the fact that Stretch & Bob were on KCR last night. However, the one positive of the age of the tapedeck being sadly over, is that mp3s exist, and it wasn’t long before the show recording ended up online… (Props to the cats at T.R.O.Y. blog)and Culture King.

So for those who missed it, listen below…


Download the audio (Right click and save)

Backup download link on Hulkshare

Also major props to Bobbito for continuing to send people here to grab the 20th Anniversary show and the old tapes (re-ups coming soon). Hopefully I’ll be getting up with him soon about his upcoming Doin’ It In The Park project too!

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