Mix CD: Big Lo & DJ A to the L – The Dartboard

Big Lo & DJ A to the L - The Dartboard

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The homie Big Lo is a dope emcee and a good friend, so when he hit me up and asked me to work on a project with him, how could I turn it down? “The Dartboard” features acapella verses from Lo’s various albums which where then taken and blended over a load of different instrumentals by yours truly (the blends, not the instrumentals.)

You know what? It’s probably better to let Big Lo explain it using the words from his bandcamp page…

“Big Lo and DJ A to the L decided to do a blend tape. The vocals are a collection of Big Lo verses from the past seven years. Some joints are from the albums “Mindstate: Freedom”, “The Plague”, and “Magnum Opiates”. Some joints are from collaborations off of other emcee’s albums. Some joints are unreleased.

“Side A” is roughly a twenty-minute blend over breaks, soul, funk, and other randomness. “Side B” is roughly a twenty-minute blend over obscure Hip Hop beats. The “Bonus” joint started as an A to the L joke that kind of makes Big Lo seem like a deranged pervert. They decided to leave it on the tape.

Other than the ‘skips’ between “Side A”, “Side B”, and the “Bonus” there are absolutely no breaks and/or skips between tracks. This is an authentic blend tape made with raw vocal files, real turntables, and genuine vinyl. This was done on purpose because Big Lo and DJ A to the L are old and are either trying to preserve traditional Hip Hop or are just stubbornly stuck in an era.”

Don’t forget to DOWNLOAD the project to receive a BONUS track, not available in the player.


If you haven’t figured out how to hit Big Lo’s bandcamp page from the player above, then just click here.

SIDE A (The Breaks Side)
01) Parlor Music b/w Willie Tee – Concentrate
02) Canibus Cup b/w Little Feat – Fool Yourself
03) Global b/w Roy Ayers – Everybody Loves The Sunshine
04) Welcome To My World b/w Graham Nash – Chicago & Parliament – Dr Funkenstein
05) Double Dragon b/w Barbara Mason – Give Me Your Love
06) Peace Is For Buddhists b/w Bill Withers – Heartbreak Road
07) Well Trained b/w Madeline – Who Is She And What Is She To You
08) Piracy b/w Ed Lincoln – Se Voce Quiser
09) Blood Shot Red b/w Lalo Schifrin – Danube Incident
10) Inception b/w Minnie Riperton – Take A Little Trip
11) First Priority b/w Shirley Bassey – Light My Fire
12) Goodbye b/w Sammy Nestico – Shore Line Drive

SIDE B (The Hiphop Side)
01) Round The World Girl b/w Mr. Green – The Opposite
02) Peace Is For Buddhists b/w Neal Rames & Ill Mondo – No Knot Ever
03) How We Do b/w Special Ed – Freaky Flow (DJ Premier Mix)
04) Goodbye b/w Statik Selektah ft Reks – Take it All Back
05) More Like b/w Blood Of Abraham – Stabbed By The Steeple
06) Good Music b/w Lennon – Seasons Revisted
07) Watch His Moves b/w Funky DL – Sapporo Summer
08) Well Trained b/w Kno – Clap
09) First Priority b/w Masta Ace – Terror
10) Piracy b/w Rampage ft R.A. The Rugged Man – Zig Zag Zig

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