A to the L – Live at Menace Beach 12/13/13

A to the L - Live At Menace Beach (12/13/13)

It’s not often that I remember to record my sets when I’m playing ‘out’. I almost forgot again here, only remembering to turn the recording thingy in Serato on around 45 minutes into my set. But anyways – here it is. 4 and half hours and some change where I run through hiphop, soul, funk, disco, moomba, techno, dance, rave, noise, rubbish, cheese, pop and the Florida State Seminoles warchant.

New music, old music, classics and unknowns all lovingly blended together in a haze of Heineken. Drunken highlight appears just short of the 4 hour mark when all semblance of mixing goes out the window, in favor of just slamming G-Funk classics into each other – my state of inebriation was only matched by the enthusiasm of the Menace Beach patrons (who were probably as well-oiled as I was anyway.)

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Listen to the full mix below.

DJ A to the L
Live at Menace Beach (12/13/13)

(Huge file size stops me throwing this on mediafire and soundcloud, but mixcloud is always down to host large mixes, so give it up for free bandwidth.)

DJ A to the L – Live At Menace Beach (12/13/13) by Deejay Atothel on Mixcloud

You’ve got to be kidding me – there’s eleventymillion tracks in this thing.

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