Mix CD: Big Lo & DJ A to the L – Potatoes As Weapons

Big Lo & DJ A to the L - Potatoes As Weapons

(Click the pics for the nice big versions of the artwork.)

Hey remember, me and my brother Big Lo put together ‘The Dartboard?’ No? What the fuck, man… here let me refresh your memory.

So anyway, earlier this year Big Lo went on the road and did some tour dates up and down the east coast. I joined him at a couple of gigs, in Charlotte, NC and Nashville, TN, to hold down the turntables, and as we travelled between venues we started plotting and planning a new project.

So… here it is – ‘Potatoes As Weapons’ features original beats, manufactured by Big Lo, and then mixed together by yours truly. It’s a short listen – 30 minutes or so, so feel free to toss this on while you’re doing your morning run / taking your evening dump etc etc. It also worked out so well that we’re planning to do another few volumes over the next couple of months, so stay tuned, kiddies.


And here’s a backup download link, just in case. (Right click and save.)

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