A to the L – The Head Honcho
Why Cannibal Ox is splitting Hiphop
Quality control
Jam Master Jay tribute
Why the Hiphop world must embrace Guerilla Black
Why the Hiphop world must smack the shit out of Guerilla Black
Top 6 tracks – Big Daddy Kane
Top 6 tracks – Black Sheep
Hiphop doesn’t need you
A to the L’s 100 favorite Hiphop Albums Of All Time – The Complete List

Rap & Hiphop – a semi-essay
The Future of the DJ

DAP – The DAP Report
J-Lo and the “N-word”
When the hell did it become Armageddon?
The war report II
2001 review
First quarter report (2002)
Graduation report
28 Wit an L
I may not be gone ’til November…
Reality bites

DJ MF – The Unpronounceable
Hiphop & free speech
2001’s top 25 tracks
2001’s top 10 albums
Top 10 emcees of 2002
The last word / Hiphop hypocrisy
Top 10 albums of 2002
Top 25 tracks of 2002
Things that irritated me yesterday…
Return of the man who never came back
Why does Okayplayer suck?

KENNY LOVE – Spread Love
And THEY want to protect US?
More trouble than it’s worth?
Internet radio not out…
Is Clear Channel, clearly, the music industry’s antichrist?
Are you ready… REALLY ready?
D.I.Y. – Blessings, curses and limits
Press release: Tighten Up
Q&A business column
Declining online music sales
Shameless dam, or damn shame
Don’t mean a thing, (if it ain’t got that swing)
If the purists had their way… (the rest of us would be dead)
Maxing your musical mastery (earning more without learning more)
How to admit you’re a lo$er
Power to the people
Uninsured music motorists
On your mark… get set… slow down!
Does your cd cover $ell or suck?
Setting up in-house retail sales?

VH1 Behind the music
Live Show: Sisters for Hiphop & Soul
And the battle has begun
Wot u call it

LOS GIGANTES – Hate The Game
Fuck Beef, Fuck MF, Fuck 2pac
Responding to responses
Round-up of 2004

MATIN SALAAM BARI – Matin On The Thyrd Rayl
Homey-sexual activity
To vote, or not to vote?
Oops they did it again!

PIZON – Voice Of Reason
Superficial bitches
MTV 2002 Video Music Awards
Live Show: Hot 97 Summer Jam 2003
Live Show: Scribble Jam 2003
Destiny’s Child VIP Lounge
Rock Steady Crew Anniversary

REDEEM – Spoken Words
The first column
Quiet times
The Q-Tip thing
Here to save you all… again
Rambling thoughts from the mental
Live show: The Automator in London

TIMID – Intimidation
Old school?
That’s not a freestyle
If I ruled the world
A letter to the man
Live Show: Jungle Brothers / Black Sheep, Tallahassee
Live Show: Mr Len’s Smacks Tour, Tallahassee, Florida
Live Show: Youngbloods on the Moon

TRUPLAYA611 – From The Mind
The first column
Baltimore Club vs DC Go-Go
The death of Aaliyah
Life on the shore
New year, new start
Big things

VARIOUS – One offs… assorted articles from different writers
The mixtape
7.05 by the clock on my microwave…
Iraq: What’s next and does anyone really care?
Judging albums from mp3s
Live Show: Sol Uprising / MF Doom
Live Show: Kayne West in London
Disposable Heroes of Hiphopcrisy?
Liner Notes
Live show: Zion-1 & Deuce Eclipse in Osaka, Japan
Live show: Common, Club Quattro, Osaka, Japan
Live show: The Rebirth Of Classic Obsession Tour, Japan
Live show: Wu-Tang Clan, Club Revolution, Ft Lauderdale
Live show: Rakim, BB King Blues Bar, New York
Live show: Training Camp Hip Hop Showcase, Pyramid Club, New York
5 films that shaped young black America in the ’90’s
Live show: Clipse, Shepherds Bush Empire, London