50 > Kanye

50 is better than Kanye

In Best Buy tonight when I picked up both albums…
Number of people in line with 50’s cd only: 11

Number of people in line with Kanye’s cd only: 3

Number of people in line with both: 5

On my drive home
Number of cars I heard playing the new 50 album: 4 (‘My Gun’, ‘My Gun’, ‘I’ll Still Kill’, ‘Fire’)

ARTICLE: Five films that shaped young black America in the ’90’s

This article kindly contributed by Dax-Devlon Ross.

Growing up we were latch-key kids. When we got home from school we had free reign to do whatever we pleased. We threw our backpacks into the closet, opened the fridge, turned on the television and let the day unravel. We flipped between BET €™s Rap City, Yo!MTV Raps and Video Jukebox. We called girls and nuked popcorn. Played Mike Tyson €™s Punchout, Double Dribble and Tecmo Bowl. And then Come Fly With Me came into our lives.

A to the L €™s 100 Favorite Hiphop Albums Of All Time (Part 8)

100 List Part 8

Fuck me… its been a minute, hasn’t it? I had to search for a bit myself to see what number I’d last left off at. This is the difficult part of the list as now I have to THINK about what I rock semi-regularly – most of the big guns have already made the list. Anyways… without further ado, we’ll kick part 8 of this list off with some other big guns who I just remembered about…