Mix CD: Elevator Music Volume 6

A to the L - Elevator Music 6

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Elevator Music Volume 6
mixed by DJ A to the L

Volume six. Instrumentally goodness. The same amount of rings MJ23 has, but he never blended as well with his team-mates as these tracks right here. This time with the added bonus of production from some of my homies on a few tracks. #MarvAlbertYesssssss


Public Enemy frontman, Chuck D, came to FAMU to speak at a conference against violence. As well as giving a masterful speech, Chuck took time to speak to me, Stess, J.See, Slickgrease, Willdabeast and LQ. This is the 3rd Chuck D interview featured on this site – we’re collecting them like Pokemon!

EVENT: Rebirth Of Slick 9/27/11

Rebirth Of Slick

Rebirth Of Slick’s monthly residency at Lees Wine Bar continues in September with DJ A to the L and M.E.R.C. once again hosting a celebration of classic Hiphop featuring live performances, breaking displays from the C.Y.P.H.E.R & Children of the Koncrete/B-Girl View crews, and the culinary support of the Cravings Truck. (And of course backed by the finest wine and beer selections in Tallahasee from Lee and his crew.)