Vinyl Fever in Tallahassee is closing…


Link here.

Vinyl Fever is closing. I have mixed feelings about this. (The above pic serves to illustrate the problem beautifully, by the way.)

They overpriced most of their stuff, but their selection was fairly decent. They had a nice little indie Hiphop section, but I refuse to pay $18.99 for some shit that UGHH or Sandbox might have for $10 or $11 (or that I can steal if I really only want a couple of tracks.).

I got an email from John Brown…


…John Brown aka that guy from that White Rapper show aka that show where Serch finally rid himself of the little shreds of dignity and credibility he had left. The email was promoting his new mixtape ‘Suburban Empire’ which I will not be providing a link for.

The email also carried this interesting blurb…

Big L, Rest In Peace


10 years on, the story of THE most forgotten about, most passed over emcee when everyone does their yearly anniversary shout outs. March 9th for Biggie, September 13th for 2Pac, and February 7th and 10th for Pun and Dilla respectively are the dates that seemed to be burned in everyone’s memories, evident from the numerous online shrines, tributes, anthologies and best-ofs that pop up every year around those dates… but who REALLY remembers February 15th? And more poignantly, who REALLY realizes just what Hiphop lost that day?



But despite (or due to?) the giddiness surrounding the man right now, Chucky D (he swear he’s nice) pens a nice little dose of realism for Young H.O. as he enters his presidency, and what it means to the Hiphop world…

(as seen over at fatlace)