Blazin 102.3 Audio 01/04/09


Not pretty.

My mixer took a shit on me, refusing to output sound from one channel. Of course this didn’t happen until everything was set up… so I had to break the shit back down and reset back up with E-Zone’s mixer. That’s this week’s lame excuse for the shitty mix and the shortness.

Have some more mixes…

…gifts from Santa and the Elvins.


2009 is gonna be major.

Audio from the past weekend’s shows on V89 and Blazin’ with tracklists below. I’ve had a thing for that Take 6 remix lately and so weekend listeners to both shows got a double dose. Ditto on ‘Christmas In Hollis’ – you can really only play that around this time anyway.

Blazin’ 102.3 & WVFS Audio updates

Here’s radio shit I’ve been involved in over the last few months, and never got around to posting. I’ll edit this post later with tracklistings (and also go back and tracklist the other mixes in other posts) – if you’re anything like me I don’t really like to spend time listening to mixshows if I don’t have an idea what’s in store once I lend an ear. Feedback, love letters and hatemail is always appreciated.

Blazin’ 102.3 Audio – 09/07/08

A to the L on Blazin' 102.3

Two hours of nothing but classics… props to Stess and E-Zone for letting me come through and spin on the show. I’ll be doing this on the first Sunday of every month from now on during Stess’s Diggin’ In The Crates show (Blazin’ 102.3 – 8pm to 10pm) and will be tossing the audio up here a day or two later. Alternatively you can listen live HERE.