WVFS Underground Railroad Mixshow Audio 09/08/12

A to the L - Live On WVFS The Underground Railroad

Working on a radio-mix-putting-up-backlog and holy shit. It’s a recent WVFS Underground Railroad mix. Ain’t had one of those in a looooooooooooooong time, so when I actually remembered to hit record before I started beating up these Audio Technicas (stop laughing – that’s really what I mix on at V89) I figured I’d actually go to the next step, and share it with y’all. Let me know what you think.

WVFS Underground Railroad Mixshow Audio 09/08/12

A to the L - Live on WVFS 09/08/12 with Insane Macbeth

It’s been ages since I tossed a WVFS mix up here, so I figured I’d take care of that little issue by now only upping this week’s mix, but the entire show! The reason? A whole first hour of UK Hiphop, centered around the appearance of my homie Insane Macbeth for a dope phone interview direct from London. As well as that, the usual great music in the mix broken up by disses to the entire city of Chicago, studio vomiting, and much hilarity at the plight of the Miami Hurricanes. (I see you Big Lo.)

WVFS Underground Railroad Mixshow Audio 04/03/10

After a couple of weeks where wack guest DJs came through to spin, it was my turn to get back into the mix over on V89’s Underground Railroad. Things went fairly smoothly, and school was definitely in session. Catch me every Saturday from 5pm-8pm EST on this station holding down all things Hiphop with Jay-C, Isreal, E&J, Talia, and the Reverend Slickgrease. Um… yeah.

WVFS Underground Railroad Mixshow Audio 03/13/10 & Blazin’ 102.3 Audio 03/14/10

Yeah, its a lazy image, but cut me some slack.

After 2 and a half weeks off due to an unexpected and unwanted trip back to Norn Iron, I made my return back to both V89 and Blazin’ this past weekend, and ended up running a 2 hour set at both stations. Thanks again to everyone who called me, texted me, hit me on Twitter or Facebook, or dropped me an email – I appreciate all the positive messages from everyone during my time away from home.