ARTICLE: J.Lo and the “N” word

J.Lo and the “N” word (By DAP)

And DAP Says…
“Now The Editorial I’m Writing Is Hotter Than July
(Looked Up And I Didn’t See No Ribbon In The Sky!!!)”

In the beginning, there were many… As time went on, there became few…Now there is only one… One man… ONE DJ… standing alone… on Mount Olympus… Ladies and gentlemen… DJ JAZZY DAAAAAAP!!!!!

ARTICLE: Quiet times

Quiet times (By Redeem)

January arrives and with it, not much music. So, it is the perfect time to hunt for that ‘always-evading’ album or experiment with some new shit. I managed to do both, picking up the Beastie’s ‘Anthology’ and a Gareth Bowen & Tricky LP, called ‘Product Of The Environment’.