DJ Daddy Rich

DJ Daddy Rich one third of hip hop group 3rd Bass did this interview with William Hernandez back in 2010. He talks about his beginnings in hip hop from DJing, to producing, to his work with 3rd Bass and his album with Pete Nice, to other projects he’s been involved with.


Lord Akeem is a Hip Hop illustrator in France. He’s done drawing from Nas, Eryka Badu, Pharrell Williams to doing the cover for Los Angeles Hip Hop group and former Ruthless records artists Above the Law. In this exclusive interview for Alt Rap; Lord Akeem speaks about how he got into drawing, to drawing for Above the Law, to the difference between Hip Hop here in the U.S. and France and much more.

INTERVIEW: Geoff Wilkinson (Us3)

It was during the summer of 1994 during the USA World Cup. In between breaks I watched MTV, when MTV still played videos and good ones; seeing the video of Cantaloop aka Flip Fantasia by Us3. I remember the video catching my attention because it mixed old and new. In this exclusive interview Geoff Wilkinson, the founder of the group, talks about the 20 year anniversary of the first album and his work after it with the group.


Public Enemy frontman, Chuck D, came to FAMU to speak at a conference against violence. As well as giving a masterful speech, Chuck took time to speak to me, Stess, J.See, Slickgrease, Willdabeast and LQ. This is the 3rd Chuck D interview featured on this site – we’re collecting them like Pokemon!


DJ Vadim - Don't Be Scared

Interview conducted by William Hernandez.

The St. Petersburg, Russia born / London, UK-raised DJ Vadim talks about his new album “Don’t be Scared”, the meaning behind the name, how he approaches producing and remixing; his love of Hip Hop and music in general and hate of radio’s red tape. He also covers performing with a legendary group that’s a staple of sampling in Hip Hop.