INTERVIEW: Son Of Bazerk

Son Of Bazerk Interview with DJ A to the L & Stess The Emcee

Son Of Bazerk has always been a personal favorite, and through the magic that is Facebook (which allows any idiot to stalk their favorite rappers), plus a heads up from my man Robbie at Unkut, I got wind of the release of “Well Thawed Out” – a follow up the 1991 debut album. Copping that late last year, I finally managed to get schedules working out to the point where a phone interview became possible.

Blazin’ 102.3 Audio 03/20/11 hosted by Kool G Rap

Diggin' In The Crates with Stess The Emcee, DJ A to the L, and DJ E-Zone & hosted by Kool G Rap

This week’s DITC was hosted by one the true lyrical giants of Hiphop. Kool G Rap briefly spoke to Stess about his position in the rap game, his work with the Juice Crew in the past, and his more recent records with Nas, Raekwon and Rick Ross. This is a short version of the full interview, which is posted HERE. Stay tuned for that. The second hour was used to pay tribute to the king of West Coast hooks, Nate Dogg.