Mix CD: DJ A to the L – The Jay-Z Mix 2013

DJ A to the L - Jay-Z Mix 2013

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Jigga dropped his new record, Magna Carta Holy Grail last week amid a frenzy of Samsung cellphone activity and Kanye West’s gnashing of teeth. To celebrate the release of the album, we ran 2 hours of Jay-Z music in the mix during last week’s Diggin’ In The Crates. The mix turned out great and we had a lot of positive feedback… then I get home, and find that my studio computer crashed during the recording, and I lost the whole ‘live’ mix.

Mix CD: Elevator Music Volume 6

A to the L - Elevator Music 6

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Elevator Music Volume 6
mixed by DJ A to the L

Volume six. Instrumentally goodness. The same amount of rings MJ23 has, but he never blended as well with his team-mates as these tracks right here. This time with the added bonus of production from some of my homies on a few tracks. #MarvAlbertYesssssss

Mix CD: J.See – Magnum For Verbal Intercourse

J.See - Magnum For Verbal Intercourse (Front Cover)

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My homie J.See just dropped his new mixtape ‘Magnum For Verbal Intercourse’. The project features 15 tracks from the West Coast emcee and features guest appearances by C-Red, E&J, and M.E.R.C. It’s also mixed for your steering pleasure by my good self. Hit the links below to download, and make sure you check out J.See, me, and my homie Dermo every Saturday on V89’s Underground Railroad.

Mix CD: DJ A to the L – Summer Barbecue Music

DJ A to the L - Summer Barbecue Music FRONT COVER

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Thank you to everyone who messaged me, emailed me, texted me, or got in contact somehow to tell me how much they enjoyed Winter Barbecue Music. I figured it was only right to give proper thanks with a followup mix for the hot months. So, here’s Summer Barbecue Music – perfectly-timed for the upcoming Labor Day Weekend grill parties, and the soundtrack to you getting your ass whupped at dominoes.