Artist spotlight: The Package

The Package

An old rmhh head hit me up a few days ago to share some info on a crew he was repping called The Package. One of the recent tracks, ‘Making Waves’ has just been remixed by Kev Brown and is getting spins from Pete Rosenberg on his late night Hot 97 show… matter of fact the track impressed Rosenberg so much he ended up directing the video. Myspace blurb, track, and behind-the-scenes video to follow – keep an eye on these cats… I’m feeling this shit a lot.

Artist spotlight: NYOIL


As 50 Cent and co will attest, the best way to create a nice little buzz around your product is to start a little beef. While NYOIL’s incendiary track ‘Y’all Should Get Lynched’ is definitely sticking it to some of today’s commerical artists, its done in a way that is less beef for buzz, and more a genuine concern with the way he feels Hiphop is heading. His myspace bio decrees…